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I seem to be expiring. Frist, my PF Changs Warrior Card expired (which seems absoluately ridicoulous as it’s the first free membership rewards card I’ve ever had expire) and then my trial membership to Boston Sports Club expired. One company was proactive in getting me to rejoin one was reactive.

PF Changs informed me of my expired card the last time I tried to use it, with an “I’m sorry I’m not going to be able to give you 10% off your meal because your card is expired.” I had no idea the Warrior card had an expiration date, mine was less than a year old. No one at the restaurant was able to re-up my card. I had to apply for a new one and wait for that new one to arrive in the mail. Not a thoughtful approach to a members reward program.

Boston Sports Club on the other hand called me the day my membership was set to expire. I didn’t return the call, but the point is they made the effort. Could the effort have been better? Sure, they could have offered me a discount to convert my trial membership into an active membership, but then again I was already coming off a reduced rate so why dilute your brand with a “there’s always a discount” message.

Here’s the lesson. An active customer is more likely to respond to your messages. They want to know how to continue in programs that might be expiring or at least know that their benefits are coming to an end before they hand over what they don’t know is an expired card. Brands have membership programs, reduced rate trials, etc for a reason. In order to fill the sales pipeline and make more sales. Take full advantage of that pipeline. It was hard to get the customer there, don’t let them slip through cracks via poor communication.


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annoyingI’m looking at doing a few different projects at my office. Each one requires the use of an outside vendor. I’ve dealt with salespeople before – hey, I’m in marketing, I’m part of the sales process. But this round has been different. I’m not sure if it’s bad luck or too many people reading too many books on sales processes, but I’ve come across a lot of annoying sales habits lately. I’m sharing my top 5 with you in hopes that you wont repeat the offenses.

My (current) top 5 annoying sales habits:

  • email read receipts – don’t give me an extra step in reading your email. I really don’t care to let you know that I’ve read your message, or deleted it.
  • Pick up the phone and call me if you have a question, but please don’t ask me to attend a web meeting in order to review something mundane. I don’t care about your sales process and looking at a contract via a web meeting just annoys me.
  • Don’t tell me that I need to make a decision today so that you can make your sales numbers for the month – you making your sales numbers is really of no interest to me. Remember, in this transaction I care about me, not you.
  • Emails sent front salesforce – it just makes you look like a sales weasel. Don’t make your tracking process obvious to me. It makes me feel like a number instead of a human being.
  • Don’t tell me what I need before you’ve asked me what problem I’m trying to solve – It makes you sound ignorant.

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